Odontology is the treatment of tooth decay. The earlier a potential cavity is discovered, the higher the chances for the tooth to be restored similar to its initial shape.

Cavities destroy the hard tissues of the tooth and represent, through their complications, the most frequent cause of tooth loss. This affection is the most frequently met in both temporary as well as permanent teeth, being caused by inappropriate nourishment and precarious oral hygene.

Dental cavities can be easily prevented through simple measures: balanced food diet, appropriate oral hygene, dental sealants, regular checks and professional cleaning accompanied by fluoride treatment.

When tooth enamel is destroyed and the carious lesion enters the tooth, the main method used for reestablishing its original integrity is physiognomic obturation, known as dental filling.

Temporary fillings – are used for timing purposes and for observing the evolution of a more complex treatment.

Permanent fillings – have the role to seal and protect the dental layers found under the enamel and to restore the tooth’s original morphology.

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