Dental implants

Dental implants represent the most modern and efficient solution for tooth loss replacement, being surgically placed in the maxillary bone.

The dental implant is a piece of titanium, which serves as a substitute for the root of a natural tooth. Generally, any person who has one or more teeth missing can benefit from dental implant treatment. The main limitations are related to the quantity and quality of the receiving bone and the position of the maxillary sinus or the inferior alveolar nerve, caused by the general situation of the patient’s organism (the patient is either still in its growth period or suffers from general affections such as diabetes or blood affections).

If the position of the sinuses don’t allow for the insertion of the dental implant, the sinus lift procedure would be applied.

Another necessary stage is the bone grafting (addition), performed when there isn’t sufficient bone available for the implant insertion.

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