Dental radiographs

Dental radiographs (X-rays) are very important elements in determining various diagnoses and elaborating treatment plans.

These show more details than the eye can see such as: dental cavities, identification of some anomalies or fissures, identification of teeth in progress of erupting or non-erupted ones, infections and oral inflammations, visualization of radicular morphology as well as bone loss.

  • Retroalveolar radiograph – offers precise information but for limited areas of the oral cavity and allows the dentist to observe tooth decay, the root, the bone and the development level of the tooth.
  • Panoramic radiograph– offers an overview of both arcades: the sinuses, temporomandibular joints. These x-rays allow the identification of bone anomalies, tumors, cysts, infections and fractures.
  • Profile tele-radiography – offers information about the development of bone structures, highlighting dento-maxillo-facial development anomalies, asymmetries and is especially used for orthodontic treatments.

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