Endodontics represents the dental specialty concerned with the treatment of dental pulp affections and the apical periodontitis.

The endodontic therapy encompasses the pulp and tooth root treatment, having as a purpose the recovery of the affected teeth and maintaining them on the arcade.  The damage of the dental pulp appears with the progression of untreated dental cavities or as a consequence of injuries.

Symptoms that indicate the need for endodontic therapy are: sensitivity to thermic stimuli (cold, hot), sensitivity to sweetness, spontaneous pain, pain when chewing.

The mechanical treatment (preparation of the root canal) can be made with manual and rotary instruments, having as purpose:

  • The removal of the pulp chamber contents at root canal level
  • Creating access for irrigation using disinfectant solutions of the entire endodontic system
  • Creating the necessary space of the medical treatment and the root canal filling

The endodontic treatment performed with the help of a microscope offers the possibility to visualize details that couldn’t be observed otherwise. This is the most efficient method in stabilizing a correct and efficient diagnose. The use of a microscope in root canal treatments led to successful results for many complicated cases through the identification of extra canals, fractured or forgotten instruments on the canals root perforations or through restoring of wrong root canal treatments.

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