Dental surgery

Dental surgery (dentoalveolar) can solve complicated cases through procedures which include extensive dental treatments, the most frequent being: wisdom teeth removal, apical resection, bone augmentation, dental implant, sinus lift etc.

  • Wisdom teeth removal – the wisdom tooth or third molar is the last permanent tooth of the dental arcade. If the position of the molar is faulty or is partially erupted there is a chance for gum diseases or teeth crowding to develop, which can lead to the inflammation of the dental pulp and pain when chewing. Therefore the optimal solution is the extraction in this case.
  • Apical resection – involves the removal of the apex of the root together with the infected bone tissue.
  • Dental implant –  this is a surgical intervention through which an artificial root formed by a piece of titanium is introduced and required for the dental prosthesis
  • Sinus lift – this procedure is required when the height of the upper jawbone is insufficient or the sinuses are too close to the maxilla for implants to be introduced. In order to make room for the bone, the sinus membrane must be moved upwards or lifted.

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