Dental prophylaxis

Dental prophylaxis consists of a set of simple and fast procedures aimed at preventing and detecting incipient dental problems.

Prophylaxis procedures:

  • Oral hygiene – a correct oral hygiene involves regular brushing (min. twice a day), the use of dental floss and mouthwash
  • Teeth scaling – the process of tartar and plaque removal using manual instruments and/or ultrasound devices. Air-Flow is a modern system used for the removal of fine tartar accumulations and tooth discoloration, jet which penetrates even interdental spaces, restoring this way the original color of the tooth.
  • Dental grooves and depressions sealants – this method preempts the stagnation of microbes and plaque in the grooves and depressions of molars and premolars, preventing this way the occurrence of cavities at this stage. It is indicated that sealants are made on permanent molars in the first year after their complete eruption on the arcade, but can be also performed on temporary molars if needed.
  • Fluoride treatment – fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthening the enamel, making it more resistant at the invasion of cavities. The treatment is indicated to start as early as possible, being applied to kids over 2 years old when baby cavities need to be avoided as well as in the formation period when permanent teeth erupt. Fluoride treatment should be performed in the dental practice on temporary and permanent teeth twice or thrice a year.

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